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They said they wont to talk to you as well dear so iwant to give you the immigrattion oifficer who is handling the case so that u call him and talk to him about how best this situation can be solved, cos he's been so good to me since the Incident happened and I think he can be of help. Sylvanos as soon as possible and tell him the problem and he also can help.

His number is 011- 233-277-311-250 and his name is Mr. Please do all u can to call him and s ee how best you and him can go about things.

Could you belive the Ghana Immigrations told me i have no documentation nor any legal backing that proofs that the gold is mine and that its bounded for one to carry Gold which has not been approved by the Laws of Ghana Gold Diggers and Buyers Association. Since the Gold i was carrying was not approved by the LGGDBA the immigration officers arrested me for carrying illegal items on board and that they w ill take me to court and jail me to detention at the court on.

Report #1 She cheated me for 2700USD, that I transfer to a travel Agency, and she cancel the ticket and take the moeny.

Accra Police department have got all information I have.

the photo looks like it is from a magazine or the description the person has given of themselves doesn't match the photo)...

Ghana is one of the countries found in West Africa. These include its diverse tribes, hospitality, robust economy, cultured people, and much more.

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