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Rodrigues and graphic design of João Ribeiro Soares.

| by Cristina Salvador Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, who recently left this world, lived a life associated to traveling, which incidentally is one of the favorite themes of his books - a production that goes beyond a dozen, including poetry, fiction and essay.

The Ruy Lopez, know in Europe and South America as the Spanish Game, is a sophisticated opening that embodies all the principles of modern chess.

Other opening can be out of date, out of fashion or simply offbeat, but White's third move , 3.

| by vários Carvalho urges to engage with and to give voice to narratives silenced or ignored by dominant ones, which also don’t allow them to have a place in mainstream historiography.

Thus he makes the call to listen to the other, to other worldviews, to emerging voices.

| by Marta Lança And I believe, having arrived at this point in life, that I can’t stop wanting to understand that the world, all over and not just here, conspires and produces utilizing always, or almost always, the use and abuse of others’ good faith.

Before assuming his current Marvel inking duties, Ruy inked many of the top books at DC comics, including Teen Titans, Superman, Justice League, Action comics, Green Lantern, and many more.

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It gets its name from the Spanish Priest Ruy Lopez, (1530-1580) from Estremadura, Spain, who was the first to treat the opening systematically in his Libro del Ajedrez of 1561.

The Ruy Lopez remains one of the most popular openings, and thoroughly dominates the Open Games in both amateur and professional competition.

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The effort to learn the Ruy Lopez can be minimized by choosing one specific variation, of the lines without 3a6 are particularly easy to learn.

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