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From a private collection in Tasmania this plate is purported to have belonged to Sir John Franklin Polar Explorer & Governor of Van Diemen's Land.This is intended to introduce Pewter Marks to casual or recent collectors. (Postage stamps offer art work and interest and so even more personally do the marks on pewter.) The Pewter Society, and a number of books, will lead you to a better understanding, perhaps.This is not comprehensive, or definitive and may only lead the reader to ask for better guidance – and some attempt to find that for the reader will be given later. But all I want to do is enthuse you, show you what I enjoy, and lead you to where you might want to find out more for yourself. For me some of these marks are works of art, some are confusing, and when I began I wondered what they all meant.The century culminated in the formation of The Society of Pewter Collectors in 1918, which is still operating today, under the name of the Pewter Society.

For almost a hundred years thereafter it became the material for every day utensils and commodities.

Known as "the poor man's silver", production spread throughout the country with a wide range of mainly domestic goods being made.

In the year 1348 Articles were granted to the Worshipful Company of Pewterers in London, which enabled them to control the quality of pewter.

As a work of Art the front is finely balanced in all aspects and very pleasing – it is a shame that there are so many wear marks and age spots - as for a serious (and more anxious) collector it is less than perfect – but if perfect would it ever have been used?

Cast from my original 18th century molds in safe, lead-free pewter, these spoons are identical to those used over 200 years ago. Available "as cast" finish with flashing trimmed and ready for you to polish or use as-is; or polished and ready to set the most elegant table. High Polished - , Satin Polished , As Cast - .

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