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The Hi FI Clubs principal focus was teenage dances. Contest winners received prizes provided by Coca-Cola. Examples include a bolo tie, Hi Fi Club dance socks, record holder, and transistor radio.

Coca-Cola provided the clubs with information on how to organize and run Hi Fi Club events. One contest asked participants to write the Coca-Cola trademarks as many times as possible on the back of a postcard. Club related memorabilia from DJ packages to backdrop banners are eagerly sought by collectors.

As always, any information you might have regarding these companies would be greatly appreciated!

National Potteries corporation (also known as Napco) was started in 1938 in Bedford, OH.

The identical numbers on the figurines indicate they are part of series.

In addition to the two styles that you own, I found two additional figures with the same numbera young girl playing golf and a young boy baseball player.

[Authors Request: Do you have memories of belonging to or attending a Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club dance or event?[For more detail, see: Napcos products competed with the cheap Japanese imports of the 1950s and 1960s.The company survived by producing many of its products in Japan and acting as distributor in the United States.The second is a young lady wearing a cap and holding a racquet. Lines included ashtrays, ceramic planters, mugs, novelty figurines, trivets, wall accessories, and more.Napcos products filled the shelves at department stores, five and dime stores, and small, family-owned gift shops.

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I do not own a reference book on US Cavalry equipment, albeit I am certain one or more exists. In my research, I found that a similar bridle and bit was used for mules as well as horses. QUESTION: I have a 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair postcard folder. M, Altoona, PA ANSWER: The double-sided, accordion postcard folder evolved from the small black and white tourist souvenir albums manufactured during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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