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I’m not going to get into whether your assertion is true — that you get less attractive to other men while he gets more attractive to other women.Regardless, if you perceive it to be true, that’s all that matters.If disabled the content or the functionality of the website can be limited or unavailable.

I am councellor in pvt organization and has a side business of interior desig..

According to the linked article from Psychology Today:“Marta Meana, a researcher at the University of Nevada, has argued provocatively that the organizing principle of female sexuality is the desire to be desired.

In her view, the delicate, tentative guy who politely thinks about you and asks if this is okay or that is okay is a guy who may meet the expectations of your gender politics (treats me as an equal; is respectful of me; communicates with me) and your parents’ preferences, but he may also put you into a sexual coma–not despite these qualities, but because of them.

If I have a problem with my wife, I don’t talk with my wife’s mother. All of this begs the question about what kind of relationship you have that you think it would be easier to pay someone to flirt with you instead of talking with your husband about the fact that you don’t feel desired and suggesting how he could make you happy.

Remember, if he’s your husband, he WANTS you to be happy and but probably has no idea how insecure you’re feeling at this time.

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Female desire, according to Meana, is activated when a woman feels overwhelmingly desired, not rationally considered.

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