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They can impose rules to curb behaviour or relations that hurt the employer or the employment relationship.

The most helpful tool to do this is to create and implement an effective workplace policy to address relationships and the issues that can arise.

There have been instances where employees deny that relationships were consensual after the fact and allege harassment, even if that was not the case.

Or, perhaps it was, but they were scared to come forward earlier.

This may not necessarily need to be specific to workplace romantic relationships, but should certainly be in place to address conflicts of interest.

Employees should be required to disclose potential conflicts, including romantic relationships.

Obviously that relationship worked out well, but not all of them do.

As the statistics show, love at work is all too common.

Nonetheless, they scheduled them both to work the same shift, which ended with her dead. Any relationship between supervisor and subordinate raises a conflict of interest, no matter how hard the parties try to “keep it professional” at work.At the very least, there will be a perception of conflict, and this will impact other employees.There is also an imbalance of power and a heightened risk of abuse.Some employers also have employees sign agreements pursuant to which they confirm that they are engaged in the relationship willingly and will disclose any conflicts of interest or other issues.The end of a relationship can also cause other, more serious issues.

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Pursuant to Bill 132, employers in Ontario must have specific policies and procedures to address reporting and investigation of harassment.

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