Dating how to get him to commit

If you’re the type of woman who relies on her man to choose everything from where to go for dinner to what to wear on New Year’s Eve, then he’s going to either get bored of your indecisiveness, or become annoyed by it.

As much as guys like to be in control, they have different interests than women and the last thing they want to do is answer to all your girlie decisions.

Because even if you’re talking about the weather, if you’re planning your honeymoon in your head, he’ll be able to tell something is up.

Treat every occasion like a first date; you wouldn’t keep him waiting then, so maintain the same attitude.The truth is, you can get any man you like to commit and you don’t have to look like Beyoncé to do it.Women are doing it every day without even knowing it.Now, I can’t just make someone fall in love with you, but I can tell you what men want you to do, even if they don’t know it.And if you do it properly you can make any man chase you.

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