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Dapat sana, tao sa tao.” Arjo challenged bashers, saying, “Do it to me in person. I’m just concerned about the people around me.” “We’ve never been bashed before. What triggers me is that what these bashers are saying aren’t even factual,” he stressed. My sister is very protective of me.” Arjo said he might consider taking legal action against some of them. To this, he replied, “What we have is really personal; it’s not a show biz thing. I’ve been acting for seven years and I have never been picky with the people I work with. I can’t fight nameless, faceless people on social media. I dare you to say it in front of my face.” The actor also said he really didn’t care about the insults he had been getting, until other people started getting affected by them. If they disrespect me, that’s fine, but for my family to feel bothered, or for Maine to get disrespected, that’s definitely not OK with me.” Arjo, who is the son of Sylvia Sanchez and brother of Ria Atayde, added that reading bashers’ posts “is simply a waste of time. I don’t want to think about it and, honestly speaking, I never really cared. For you to have the guts to talk bad about someone online is something.” The actor was also asked whether or not he would be open to working with Maine in the future. If not, it doesn’t matter.” He added, “I’m OK to work with anyone.But it is nice to get out once and a while with a tall attractive man! I am 38 years old and my study's are in the Medical field.. It's hard to find some one that can keep up with me on that one. I enjoy living alone with my little girl, but need a nice looking man to do some fun things with.I have blonde hair with dark brown eyes about 5'6 135lb. I love affection and some one that is spontaneous, motivated,good conversationess,and athletic. I leave you with this little note,[ sense winter is here I felt I would write this] THE SNOW BALL I made myself a snowball,as perfect as could be. I am very loving and honest, I love to dance and go to the beach and enjoy life to the fullest.I am friend with nature, I like all living and I find in it the small part of myself. I am rather calm, balanced, sympathetic, tender, sincere and careful. I look forward to hearing from any "MAN" that can give me a challange! I like being a girl and having fun and playing in mud is alright. Ask me anything and i'll answer you as honestly as i can. I'm looking for an activity partner between 18-30 to talk, date or hang out with. I do not like hypocrisies, i was taught Only Red Sox and Patriots fans need apply!!!!!!!! I am a divorced, hard working mother of 3; ages 14, 10 and 4. [Whatever you say] won’t affect us.’ This was according to actor Arjo Atayde when asked to comment on the negative reaction he has been receiving from netizens because of his connection with actress and social media sensation Maine Mendoza. What you see is what you get,” said Arjo when reporters who attended the press conference on Tuesday for his latest film, “’Tol,” prodded him to talk more about his relationship with the actress. Prior to this, he was wearing a publicity T-shirt for his latest movie, Miko Livelo’s “’Tol,” and was standing behind the movie’s photo wall. 30, Arjo stars with Joross Gamboa and Ketchup Eusebio.

They play Lando, Dimitri and Arthur, respectively, portraying childhood best friends who swear to remain loyal to each other.

Sometimes i can be a girly girl but raising a boy on my own i have to be the one to get dirty and kill the spiders. But i do talk alot so i'm sure we would have things to talk about. I am looking for someone between the I am looking for someone who will appreciate all that I have to offer. I believe in the 50/50 on exspensives when going out. I like to try new things, & I tend to be adventurous.

I am honest hard working caring kind always smiling. I am a free spirit have been through a lot relationship wise have 2 children by 2 diff men. I'm shy at first, but open up depending on the other person.

I thought I'd keep it as a pet,and let it sleep with me. I have three beautiful daughters that live with their dad. Well just write me something if you are interested. I'am a nice looking lady, but I don't go out much at all, I thought I would give this a shoot and see what happens.

I made HI, well let's see I'm 5'2 125native american half spanish. I work full time at a hospital, but do enjoy going out or staying home. Would be interested in talking to you if you would like to also. Maybe I am looking for someone nice to chat with, maybe more, not sure yet.

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My Friend says, and I know it by myself that I am very sociable, affordable and tender woman, sensible , good housewife quality, kindhearted friend. My best friends are twin men that I spend alot of time with. I have long black curly hair, bright green eyes and weigh about 128 lbs. My favorite thing is cuddling on the sofa with a good movie and warm blanket with the right person!! I am a very sensative, loving and caring person who gives more than 50% in a relationship.

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