Dating english pottery marks

The more decorative pieces, not designed for everyday use, often used a mark with no date code or manufacture year.The Worcester Royal Porcelain Co Ltd was formed in 1862.These individual pieces were not associated with a particular line, and so are not included here.Also presented is a list of the initially produced glaze colors for each line.The production of some lines continued for many years, while other lines lasted only for a short time, some less than a year.Therefore, the date shown is the initial issue date and it may not be the precise date of issue of all similar pieces.The Society hopes that you find that the pictures and information presented here is informative, and that they serve as an aid in identifying those unfamiliar pieces.

However, the glaze colors of some pieces in other lines did change in subsequent years.The mark can appear in any colour, and on a variety of materials.The marks almost always included a code to indicate the year of manufacture.The “Picture Gallery” presents an example of the type of pieces that are in the various pottery lines produced by the Nelson Mc Coy Pottery in chronological order.While each piece in the different lines is not shown, the examples given serve as an aid in identifying the name of the line that a particular piece of pottery is associated.

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The gallery consists of about 110 different lines, and these lines contain many different pieces.

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