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Learn more about Optimizing Your Meeting Rooms for Video Conferencing.By making video conferencing tools a priority, employees are not only more focused and engaged during meetings, they also benefit from nonverbal cues and body language to create better, more authentic relationships with their remote coworkers and customers.Today’s video conferencing solution is made up of a central cloud-hosted infrastructure routing calls between personal video-enabled devices and meeting room device endpoints.Cloud-based delivery models make it easy to turn just about any room with an internet connection and a power outlet into a video-enabled collaboration space but not all video solutions are created equal.This background information is tossed out, and never makes it into our long-term memory.

But even among the serial language learners at Babbel, you’ll never find someone poring over French 101 textbooks, cramming themselves to fluency.Karoline was also keen to dispel the myths about cramming, or “This is when you have a big test coming up so you sit down and try to learn everything that you need to know. Probably not that much.” Instead of worrying about trying to do a lot all at once, it’s actually more important to repeat a smaller portion of information more frequently.She continued, “To get something into long term memory, you must make connections and repeat it.Learn more about Video Conferencing Solution Breakdown.Whether you’re joining your team’s weekly video standup or meeting with a job candidate for the first time through a video interview, there are a few best practices you should follow to ensure that your video call is as effective and productive as possible.

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So how are people at Babbel picking up new languages even though they’re putting in less time than I spent cramming Spanish verb conjugation in high school?

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