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No attempt has been made to write a comprehensive history—there are not yet adequate studies of the epidemic upon which to base such an effort.Instead we have been selective in looking at those institutions for which sufficient information is available to describe impact and response."Impact" is an overused word that in common parlance has become a synonym for "effect." In this sense, it indicates that one action or state of affairs is caused or influenced by some other action or state of affairs and is used to describe both major and minor effects.Reaching deeper into the language, however, impact has a more powerful meaning—.In 1987 the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences established the Committee on AIDS Research in the Social, Behavioral, and Statistical Sciences.

In the course of its work, the panel, with the agreement of the parent committee and the several federal agencies that were sponsoring its work, modified this mandate and deleted the plan to recommend systems for monitoring."Impact" as used by the panel describes a concentrated force producing change, a compelling effect.We adopted this hybrid meaning not only because it more accurately describes the impact of AIDS on contemporary America—social institutions have not been destroyed—but because we quickly realized that social impact does not merely destroy; it evokes a reaction or a response. Persons and societies do not merely feel the impact of an event; they remake their lives and institutions to accommodate, negate, or preserve its effects.These descriptions cannot be considered complete and authoritative; but we do believe they suggest a pattern that should be of concern to the country and command the attention of policy makers attempting to deal with the epidemic over the next decade.The impact of AIDS has many dimensions, only a few of which are captured in official statistics or analysis by the research community.

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