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), but “Greenback” does not refer to any specific model.

It’s simply a “generic” name that was given to the speakers of this period, similar to how “Plexi” is a name to all the pre-1969 Marshalls.

the stock speaker is pretty amazing and I love it, but the voice of the Vintage 30 really made a dramatic difference!

Great price from AMS made my decision to try the swap much easier and I couldn't be happier.

These first speakers went through quite a few changes (also appearing in different colours like silver, chrome and red – also with different codes) during the early years, but they remained with a low (in today’s standards) 15w (20w in latter versions) power handling and with both 8ohms and 15ohms options. With the 100db sensitivity, it was a very “loud” speaker.

If you did manage to read this all the way through I can tell you that and a few more Guitar speakers , is repeated a lot of times.

I do have a lot of odd ball bits & pieces so e-mail me as you never know I may just have what you are looking for in Guitar speakers.

They give the amp its “voice” and so, in order to get the right sound, you will need to use the right speaker. In 1947, it was bought by British Rola and, one year later, production moved to Thames Ditton.

Al Ni Co Blue 15w (as used by VOX) It wasn’t until the 1950s that Celestion developed their first guitar dedicated speaker: the G12 Al Ni Co T530 (a.k.a.

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Thames Ditton 25watt (Marshall Logo) 12" Green Back 8 ohm Reconed in 1993 by Celestion Not been used at all since Recone, Model: G12M | Date Code: GE/W | Frame Code: T1221 | Cone Code: 444 There is no Celestion label on the Magnet or plastic cover to give the information Only thing is that this speaker has the Thames Ditton, Black Tag. Especially the early Celestion Alnico, Greenback Vox Blue Bulldog. Guitar combos and Guitar speaker , cabs in the 60s & 70s were virtually only ever fitted with Celestion Greenbacks. And these three companies still do it today Celestion.

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