Dating a girl who has slept with alot of guys

So sit back and get ready to learn a bit more about these sexy sirens of movies, music, and television.

Hey, isn’t it time that we supported our sexually-liberated female heroines?

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What do you do when you are good-looking, successful, and on the scene in Hollywood?

She may not have been married as many times as others on the list, but she is still a great addition to our list.

It seems more than fitting that Adrienne was married to Paul Nassif, who is a plastic surgeon who has appeared on the TV series 36-year-old Michelle Mc Cool is widely known in the wrestling circuit.

These women have had a few marriages and divorces between them, so they seem like a good fit for our list.

Celebrity swingers have gained a lot more prominence in recent years, and it really doesn’t surprise too many people anymore.

There is of course Brad Pitt, but also Billy Bob Thornton (and that regrettable tattoo) and Jonny Lee Miller. It is said that Angelina and Brad are celebrity swingers and are okay if one or the other sleeps with someone else from time to time. Amber Najm is known as a “baller wife,” and let us explain that a bit.

She is one of the lovely ladies who has been romantically involved with rapper T-Pain, yet she is also known for being quite active with a number of other folks as well.

Now she’s a self-identified bi-sexual Buddist, at least she's got plenty of times in the bedroom to look back on! Needless to say, she is dramatic and full of high-maintenance shenanigans. And let’s be honest; she looks pretty darn good for being middle-aged.

It is said that Adrienne has been with many sexual and romantic partners in her day, but who wouldn't want to sleep with her?

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Well, if you are like any other women on our list, then you have some fun (if you know what we’re talking about).

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  1. Always write in a way that is engaging – definitely no negativity (i.e putting “NO TIME WASTERS” on your dating profile indicates an angry and sulky man who’s value with women is to be messed around).