Dating a girl who has had an abortion

The NSW Greens spokesperson for women's rights, Jenny Leong, also welcomed the move."It's past time for women to have the right to make decisions about their own bodies," she said.

Dr Rachel Carling from Right to Life Australia said she opposed the bill and slammed Mr Hazzard who backed decriminalisation."I find it really disappointing a Liberal Health Minister will be putting his name to such a bill as this — this is not about healthcare for women, this is a social issue from the left," she said.

I thought I could calm her down by saying stuff like “Don’t worry. It was the best choice.” I told her to try to get over it and think about her future.

But I found out that, a few days later, she tried to kill herself.

At present, a medical abortion can be performed up to nine weeks from the woman's last period.

Ask your friend if she has ever heard about help for people struggling after abortion.

The new bill will include the provision for access to an abortion in the first 22 weeks of a pregnancy and is based on Queensland laws introduced last year that stemmed from law reform commission reviews.

The bill will also include a conscientious objection clause for doctors, who would be obliged to refer patients to other medical practitioners.

If a friend confided in you tomorrow that she had an abortion, would you be able to respond in a way that brings her closer to healing? Ways that may help your friend be hopeful again about her future.

If this is the first time your friend has told you about her abortion, she may be afraid that you will be critical or that you will repeat to others what she tells you.

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