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He wants us to know that he feels better alone and that he needs some time to arrange things in his head. I am not saying it will be easy, but at least you will know that one man was depending on you and that you saved him from the demons inside him. And he would appreciate it so much if you could be his biggest support in his life journey. That only means that a man like that went through more things than the others.And what you need to do in this situation is to let him go. Let’s face it—he just met you, and he thinks you are the same as the others. And what he craves the most is a woman who will show him that after it all, he can be the old him—the UNBREAKABLE ONE!

The reason your man is broken is because he has some trauma from his past.

Show him that you are not the same as those bad people that ruined his life.

Show him that you will be there no matter how many times he refuses you.

Too much money makes me uncomfortable, but no money makes me frustrated. I don’t want someone who spends his days sitting on the couch smoking weed and watching sports while bemoaning his lack of funds. I don’t want to be with any more guys who make less money than I do. I’m into doing so inexpensively, but if you can’t even cover your own rent… If he’s broke in his 30s, I worry about his motivation in all areas.

I can’t relate to a guy who has tons of nice things. I take a guy’s lack of money in his adult years as a serious indication of problems in other areas.

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And most important, tell him that you will be there no matter what happens to give him a hand of salvation and to be his support in any rough days that will come.

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