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Ⓧ Under Linux, binary versions of R are available as packages for the most common Linux distributions. Ⓧ Under Mac OS X, R is available as a binary package.

The standard distributions of R include several : user-contributed suites of add-on functions.

You can get the source code and compile it yourself, but you may prefer at this point to download and install a precompiled version.

You can download precompiled binaries for most major platforms from any CRAN mirror.

So I stopped being serious and production oriented and simply played with R for a couple of months.

Open the Base package, scan the list of contents for titles that pique my curiosity, paste their examples into R and see what happens.

At the end you’ll have an R icon on your desktop that can be used to launch the program.Unlike other statistics packages, R rarely summarizes an analysis for you by default.Statistical analyses in R are done by fitting a model to data and then issuing additional commands to extract desired information about the model or display results graphically.Note: When you say “yes” to saving your workspace, it is saved in a hidden file named I hate to say this, but what really helped me the most, after the initial feet-wetting, was to abandon the help manuals.Searching manuals for the answer to a specific question is frustrating because one does not know the key term for the search engine to deliver the item needed.

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