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Strung out and in physical pain from the dope-sickness, Daniel knew he was coming to a fork in the road: either get clean, or die.“[Being dope-sick] feels like in your core there’s a burning sun of anxiety and discomfort,” explains Daniel.“It’s compelling, because when you feel like that, the solution is more drugs, which is clearly counterintuitive.But when you’re in it, it really does seem like that’s the only way to feel better.”After several days of withdrawals, sleepless nights, horrific sweating and night terrors, he noticed someone had been playing old-fashioned country guitar throughout his stay.“He’s always been a super-talented dude,” remembers Chadwick.

However, what began as simple youthful indiscretion slowly evolved into something darker, even if nobody really noticed at first.

He learned the meaning of hard work and sacrifice, he says, knowing his mother was trying her best to provide for them, but unsettled by the knowledge that “there was an underlying desperation out of necessity.” It was also around this time that his mother enrolled Daniel in children’s summer theater at Ben Lomond’s Little People’s Repertory Theatre.

As an artist, she always wanted to make sure her children had some form of creative outlet to express themselves.

But with the upcoming release of his debut album and his NEXTie win for Musician of the Year, Daniel is ready to open up about his past, in the hope that his story might inspire those struggling to change their ways.

But things changed at age nine, when his parents divorced.

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  1. Despite the fact they both look so alike, both from Wales and have the same surname (but come on Jones is like the most common Welsh surname!