Daddys application for dating my daughter

The reason I am typing softly is due to the fact that the most beautiful woman in the world is sleeping soundly in my bed no more than 10 feet away, the woman that I just made love to.

The young woman just so happens to be my loving daughter, Kasey.

The void of not having Kasey in my life remained however, so I poured myself into work with abandon.

I was around stunningly attractive women each day, but for whatever reason it just didn't feel right to date at that point in my life.

I figured since I had been selfish in moving across country, I really couldn't begrudge her the decision to attend school wherever she wanted.

We didn't chat nearly as often when she was at school as she was busily embracing everything her new freedom had to offer.

Roughly six years ago, after many terse marriage counseling sessions, my ex-wife Barbara and I agreed to divorce.

To say Kasey was unhappy with my divorce and move would be an incredible understatement.

I can't say as I blame her as her world was turned upside down almost overnight, even though I'm sure she saw the divorce coming.

And when she came to visit I would devote 100% of my time to her, so it would be better, much better than life with her mom and me together.

At times, I actually almost believed it, but deep down I felt ashamed of myself, and lost without her.

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