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A listener recently asked Kim this question on her national radio show.The listener was looking at buying a vehicle a few states away and wanted to make sure she wasn't getting conned.

It started in 1995 as a simple way for founder Craig Newmark to let friends know what was going on in San Francisco, and now has more than 700 local sites in 70 countries and receives over 50 billion page views a month.

They say they'll send you a cashier's check or money order to deposit, then you wire the money back (minus a nice cut for yourself, of course).

The trick is that the check or money order is counterfeit. The buyer will give you a counterfeit cashier's check for more than the item is worth and say you can wire back the difference.

It might be a so-called "escrow" service, for example, that holds the money until all parties are satisfied.

These services often "guarantee" that you'll get your money or can dispute a charge in case of fraud.

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The bank will cash it, but a few days later, after you've wired off the money, it won't clear. Don't be fooled; leave immediately if the payment isn't just as it should be.

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