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So without any delay, we present to you the sizzling hot Hollywood actress Cote De Pablo's personal life.Diego is a Hollywood actor mostly known for his work with the famous star Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Fox television series Time of Your Life.The couple is longtime friends and currently in sometimes on and sometimes off kind of relationship from past June.Pablo dated Deigo Serrano dated for a very long time.Her relationship with Diego lasted for fifteen years.The reason behind their separation is not exactly known. In a collaboration with Michael Weatherly, Cote produced a new series for CBS MIA.Maybe both Cote De Pablo and Diego Serrano might have a crush in the past, but no light has put to the issue.And there are no any of their past dating histories.

Cote de Pable, the actor who plays Ziva is in a long-term relationship with actor Diego Serrano. Tony and Ziva are partners in the NCIS Series and are not going out either in the NCIS show or in real life.Micheal Weatherly, the actor who plays Tony is currently married to Bojana Jankovic and is expecting their first child in the Spring of 2012. Plus, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, and Sean Murray are all slated to appear in the season six premiere. As per the show, they are very good friends and trust one another with their life.yes they will be reunited completely in season 6 episode 2 Never. As they spend so much time with one another during the filming, I suppose, they would be good friends off the sets as well.Micheal Weatherly, the actor who plays Tony is currently married to Bojana Jankovic and is expecting their first child in the Spring of 2012. if you mean what are the ncis characters called then i can help GIBBS- mark harmon, TONY- Michael weatherly, ZIVA- cote de pablo, KATE- Sasha alexanders, MCGEE Sean Murray ABBY- pauley perrette DUCKY- david mc Callum DIRECTOR SHEPPARD- Lauren holly if this is not what you meant please say Leroy Jethro Gibbs is played by Mark Harmon Ziva David is played by Cote de Pablo Anthony Di Nozzo is played by Michael Weatherly Abby Sciuto is played by Pauley Perrette Timothy Mc Gee is played by Sean Murray Jenny Shepard is played by Lauren Holly Donald "Ducky" Mallard is played by David Mc Callum The cast of Nine is Fine - 2012 includes: Rocky Carroll as himself Cote de Pablo as herself Brian Dietzen as himself Gary Glasberg as himself Mark Harmon as himself Mark Horowitz as himself David Mc Callum as himself Sean Murray as himself Michael Weatherly as himself Mark Harmon plays Jethro Gibbs, he is 58. Gibbs was given the ultimatum on the tarmac of the airport, but he chose Tony The stars of NCIS are: Mark Harmon - Special Agent Jethro Gibbs Michael Weatherly - Special Agent Anthony Di Nozzo Pauley Perrette - Abby Sciuto David Mc Callum - Dr.We know that a lot of fans are in a great hurry to know, Who Is Cote De Pablo married to? To all the De Pablo fans, we will like to address you that by the end of this article you all will have an idea about her personal life and will also find out about Diego Serrano who she dated for a long time.

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Later, her longest-running role was portraying Ziva David on the show NCIS with Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David Mc Callum, Sean Murray, and Lauren Holly.

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