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See the Chronological list of Convict Ships for references to these records, including NRS 1152-1154 [4/4000-4002] and NRS 12188, [4/4004] which have not been digitised in Transcription is a time-consuming task and names can be open to interpretation. Compiled by ABGR [Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record] Project for the Society of Australian Genealogists, 2002. S., Shipping Arrivals and Departures Sydney, 1788-1825. Flynn, Michael, The Second Fleet: Britain’s Grim Convict Armada of 1790. Flynn, Michael, Settlers and Seditionists: The People of the Convict ship 1794.

Convict names and trial details have been included in the Early Convict Index. Costello, Con, Botany Bay: The story of the convicts transported from Ireland to Australia, 1791-1853. The Crimes and lives of the convicts arriving in Sydney on the ' Salamander' 1791 / compiled by members of the Tomaree Family History Group. Crittenden, Victor, A bibliography of the First Fleet. Crittenden, Victor, The voyage of the First Fleet 1787-1788, taken from contemporary accounts / Victor Crittenden.

The Orders in Council had not been sent out with the First Fleet.

Copies of the Orders in Council for the First and Second Fleets were transmitted to Governor Phillip in Letter No.10 of the 19 February 1791. Phillip had written on 9 July 1788, ‘The masters of the transports having left with the agents the bonds and whatever papers they received that related to the convicts, I have no account of the time for which the convicts are sentenced, or the dates of their convictions’ ( I, i, 57).

There are longhand numbers (see above), page numbers for individual documents (often at the bottom of the pages) and page numbers for the collection of documents as a whole, eg. Some early lists of convict names are not included in NRS 1150, [SZ115] and [4/3999]. While looking for a partner online, most people worry the person they meet might have dark secrets in their past -- but for some women, dating a criminal is actually part of the search criteria.Alexx says she loves dating prisoners and can’t stop.New South Wales was chosen as a suitable place for transportation in 1786. The First Fleet Journal of John Hunter, October 1786-August 1788. Orders in Council include lists of convicts intended to be transported and indentures include those intended to be transported on specific ships.

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Where convicts had already been sentenced to transportation to America or Africa the Orders in Council were required to change their destination to ‘the eastern coast of New South Wales or some one or other of the islands adjacent’. Oldham, Wilfrid, Britain’s Convicts to the Colonies, edited by W.

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