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The main goods should potentially be machine-building industry, food, dairy and construction materials products.The chief Kazakh manufacturing exporters currently produce steel alloy rods, shaped and special profiles, pipes and seamless profiles and other metallurgy products.Consolidation is the mechanism used to achieve economies of scale by reducing numbers of local government units.On the other hand, these economies of scale tend to end on reaching an optimal level of service delivery scale.

Asia, Australia and Africa are competing for the annual World Mayor Award.

Consolidation and its relation, annexation, are tools that many countries have used to illustrate in general that benefits exists when units are small - and are then reduced when those involved constitute large urban units.

In the United States, most have been for smaller units.

The recent Louisville (KY) consolidation was the first one involving a large population region since Indianapolis (late 1960s).

In the United States, consolidation is not a new tool used by cities.

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However, as the author Ester Fuchs noted in her work entitled Mayors and Money – which compares New York and Chicago - consolidated and federated regions fare better relative to the norm when fiscal conditions are adverse.

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