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With Soviet support, the first Communist regime was established in Afghanistan in 1978, and it survived in various forms until 1992.The leaders initially after the revolution, Nur Muhammad Taraki and Hafizullah Amin, instituted a number of reforms, including equal rights for women and land reform.Here’s an in-depth look at the situations of the five remaining communist nations of the world, and the last five to move away from Marxist Ideologies.The smaller of the two countries named Congo (Brazzaville refers to the capital in order to distinguish them–Kinshasa is the larger), The People’s Republic of the Congo was the second-latest Marxist state on the African continent.While Vietnam remained truly communist from 1976-1986, the country eventually needed to reach out for international support and aid; which resulted in many political and economic reforms.As a result of these reforms, Vietnam is today one of the world’s fastest growing economies.Conflict largely subsided in 1999, and today all former members are either in the E. (Slovenia and Croatia), candidates (Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia), or potential future candidates (Kosovo as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina).Investigations into war crimes in the former Yugoslavia have continued to the present day, as the dissolution of the state was a violent and bloody episode.

At that point, the ruling clique aligned with the Soviet Union–but even this link was short-lived, with relations with China eventually becoming critical to securing independent leadership from Yugoslavia.

After the First Indochina war Vietnam was split into two halves–North Vietnam becoming Communist with the support of the Soviet Union, and South Vietnam remaining democratic with support from the United States.

After the Vietnam War, and decades of national and international conflict, the United States and South Vietnam los the war and Vietnam was reunited as a Communist nation in 1976.

The nation maintained strong ties to semi-socialist France as well as the Soviet Union–the Soviet Union was the largest sponsor of African Marxist countries.

Like many of the 1992 transitions from Communism, the initial transition was relatively peaceful.

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