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Even though we'll always remember him as Chuck Bass, Westwick's taken on a large number of dramatic roles since Gossip Girl ended in 2012.Most notably, he played Tybalt in the star-studded 2013 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.Georgina was just fun to watch and so over the top it was great. Nate is a close second though, I never really had a problem with what he was doing.EDIT Also my thoughts on Nate are that I like him - he can be a little boring but when his family drama is going on the way he handles those serious problems is really admirable. At any given moment, everyone else could either be horrible or great for no reason, but Nate, I'm always on his side.

She's a great foil for Blair and Serena both, she works so hard to be a part of the UES that it ruins her in the end.It seemed no matter what she did, I still was on her side when her dad was being a complete dick. Chuck at the start I hated him but he really grew and matured and AW it was so nice to see him change over the seasons.However, once she started trying to break up Nate and Serena, and helped Serena's dad escape, that's when my opinion of her changed and now I can't stand her. I LOVED her because I feel like her and I have a lot in common, but when her need to figure out herself and keep everything secret became more than just a trope and was happening and literally ruined her relationship with everyone, that's when I couldn't stand her anymore. I feel like if her character weren't in the show at all, nothing would be different. Also you sort of understand why he seems so 'cold' all the time- his whole childhood no-one really loved or cared for him but his relationship with Lily was really nice, she was so nice to him. They always end up growing and changing from the messes they've made. Yes Blair and chuck have ruined people's lives but they don't try to say they are good people.

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