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My life ended and began on a day in July 20 years ago and I’ve learned that my friends are the ones who are ok knowing that I might have to cancel or postpone.Being social takes up a tremendous amount of energy and the recovery time is significant.All three were not steadily employed, if employed at all.It is almost like they figured I was lucky to have a boyfriend and that they could walk all over me.I’d like to hear more about how you’re using it on a regular basis for yourself, and how it works for you. I just discovered it today and look forward to reading more.Putting aside how much I enjoyed this post, I have to ask for details on the “post-apocalyptic size ice pack.” How big is it?And that’s when it hit me: Just as I’ve hired a program coordinator and administrator for my business, so must I hire a social manager for my personal life — someone who will do all the screening for me. So last week I signed up for a dating service called Table for Six.I like it because they organize dinners of three women and three men — which I anticipate will create a laid-back environment, where I can organically make new friends without feeling the pressure to make a romantic connection.

For me, the dating struggle has manifested in a number of ways: Sometimes getting out of bed is a Herculean task, and the major events of my day consist of taking a hot bath, then lying sprawled on a post-apocalyptic size ice pack. You should try it.) In this case, the impact on my ability to date is obvious: Unless a gaggle of metrosexual hotties not only line up on my doorstep but also magically whip out a key to my apartment, I’m not playing.I’m imagining a full body (or maybe just torso) sized ice pack. I’d love an ice pack that would reach from (at minimum) the base of my neck to the small of my back and that I could ice my arms from fingertips to shoulders, all at the same time.And gosh, if it would reach from head to toe (I’m about 5’8″) that would be even better because then I wouldn’t have to choose between my upper and lower halves.Please know that I appreciated all of it — and am ever so grateful that I met my husband three weeks before my chronic pain started and that he stuck with me through it all (so far). I’m in the same boat dating wise and hope you have good luck with Dating For 6. I have had three relationships since having chronic pain and gave them up because they sucked me dry.Your so right, we have “shit to do” and I work 3 part time jobs to make ends meet on SSID. Many are disabled due to strokes and wheelchair bound.

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