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My American social skills were honed by hanging out with English speakers and interning in various international organizations back in China.

Being admitted to Columbia also proves my English proficiency in some way.

"It's not hard to find people to hangout out with, but you'll find the people are all the same in the end." Extending the dating circle outside Chinese is difficult due to cultural and language barriers, according to Chinese international students who spoke with China Daily. When foreigners approach them, they often feel embarrassed," said Chu.

Most Chinese international students prefer to keep to themselves and do not engage with Americans, said Anna Lu, an American-born Chinese woman studying at NYU.

There were 300,000 students from China studying in the US in the 2013/14 school year, but the population pool still seems too small for romance.

"The Chinese circle in the US is actually very small," said Chu Rui, a graduate student at Penn.

There are times I try very hard to make a conversation with someone by asking questions or talking a lot by myself, but for some reason, they respond minimally and seem to want to move on to the next person.

Once they find someone else to talk to, their facial expressions suddenly turn joyful and they become talkative, as if they are transformed into a completely different person when they are not talking to me.

In Chinese, I enjoy making jokes and puns, which makes my personality more colorful.Chinese international students can work in the United States using a student visa (F-1) during the optional practical training (OPT) of 12 to 29 months.Afterwards, they have to find a company that will provide them with a working visa (H1-B) to work legally in the US. The problem can be even worse for overseas Chinese students in the United States. " Such are common questions older people ask younger ones during family get-togethers in China and a common headache among Chinese youth, who are busier with education and career and more careful in seeking a satisfactory relationship.

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Even as a Chinese American, she still has limited interaction with Chinese students. "Maybe they still feel: 'I am different, even though my Mandarin is not bad'. Chinese students are shy, but in the United States, if you don't speak out, we won't help you." Dating culture in the US is different from China, said Zhao Qinghua, founder of 2Red Beans, a dating website for Chinese living in the US.

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