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Nagoya and Tokyo will apparently see the fully bloomed flowers earlier this year as they are projected to be first blooming on the 21st of March and fully bloomed by the end of March.Niigata and Sendai are expected to have the same blooming period which starts on April 6 and fully blooms by April 12.These guides or forecasts will more probably differ from one another but it should only be by days or a week at most.It would also be wise for you to base your trip on the first bloom of the flower in the area rather than estimations on when it will be in full bloom exactly.The time when they bloom changes every year but not by a lot.Maybe if you compare data from 10 years ago to the present, the difference will be a month or a month and a half but in the latest years, they’ve only been days to weeks apart.Comparing those dates to last year, you can already see that it seems to be leaning to the fact that the blooming season will be a couple of days later this year.

If you look at a map of Japan, look for Kagoshima and run your way upwards to Sapporo.

Given that the weather conditions this year didn’t change drastically, you can expect the blooming of these flowers to be maybe 3 to 4 days before or after their full bloom in 2018.

You can also opt to check the 2019 forecast for the cherry blossom season but just remember that those are also estimated so it would be safer for you to have more than one basis for the dates of your visit if you really want to see the beauty of the Sakura in full bloom.

This way, you’ll have an allowance in case the full bloom period comes earlier than expected.

As they say, it’s better to be super early than even a little late to a spot you have to be in anyway.

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Regardless of this, if you are going to Japan for just a week, for example, it will be difficult to time your visit to a certain area’s full bloom.

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