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But not all do, and below are 15 celebs who are totally open to dating their fans.In 2017, John Travolta and Kelly Preston reportedly made the shocking decision to split, after a 26-year marriage (which is long for anyone, but an eternity in Hollywood terms).She even stated that they would be getting married, although he didn’t know it yet.

But even if you didn't have posters of the brothers hanging on your wall, you probably knew (and loved) their track “MMMBop.” Well, there are three other people who loved that track, too, and actually ended up marrying the brothers after meeting them in concert.

However, before finding love with Turner, Jonas dated a string of beautiful women and was never short of attention.

But he was also open to dating fans, which he revealed during an interview with in 2013. I can't say that I've never put a foot in that world; there were times when I definitely took advantage of the opportunities I had. I know you just cannot have two narcissists together.” Although she didn’t give details about the relationship or the name of the fan, the fact that she said he was “star struck” is a clear indication that he definitely knew all about her before they got together.

I remember I saw a picture of her and Paris Hilton, and I remember telling my boy, ‘Have you seen that girl Kim Kar-dijon? And nowadays she’s incredibly happy and has found love with former NFL cornerback Kelvin Hayden (it was recently announced that the pair has been dating for two years). He reportedly met his fan, Samantha Millar, after she contacted him on My Space and began sending him suggestive photos. In 2010, Ryan made headlines for allegedly attacking Millar while in a car in the West End of London. I’d be crying and asking him for help and he’d say, ‘Look at you, you’re so ugly when you cry.’ He would tell me I was ugly inside and out.

It clearly worked, because the pair were together for seven years (and reportedly engaged for two years). Assault charges were rumored, which according to the , Millar spoke out about the relationship and claimed that Ryan had been unfaithful and also mentally abusive. That I was the nastiest person he’d ever met.” , he told Disney Dreaming that he's apparently open to dating fans, saying, "Yeah, I would [date a fan]!

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He reflected on that moment in an interview with Piers Morgan, saying, “Somewhere, in the vault at NBC, there’s footage of me literally falling for my wife on camera.” He continued, explaining that she caught his attention because she is “incredibly beautiful.” And 15 years on, the couple still appear to be very happy together and share two children.

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