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(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment): “I know you better than you know yourself.”Because he’s as much a part of this journey as they are.

But even without that, I enjoyed the actual finale, though not as thoroughly as I enjoyed this entire first season of the CBS version of the UK hit.

The producers didn’t even try to screw with people, or exploit them, or let some crazed ex come back just to create a dramatic scene.

“The intensity of their social media engagement has created tremendous enthusiasm for the series here at the Network.It’s what Big Brother always promises—light, sexy summer entertainment—but never delivers, and not just because it’s frequently a fount of terrible behavior that CBS is just fine with.Love Island was “a gamble” but one that turned out to be “absolutely the right call for CBS,” as Vulture’s Joe Adalian explains in this story.After all, they’ve known each other for less time than it takes to fly to Fiji and back (I’m exaggerating only slightly).During the family visits on Tuesday night, Zac’s mom told him, “We never expected you to connect with someone as great you did.” Zac said, “I didn’t either.”Neither did I.

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  1. Getting this dating myself thing down,” she later added on Twitter alongside the same Instagram photo. Following their split, Wilkinson told fans that she was choosing to focus on her “mental, emotional and physical well-being.” A source claimed at the time that she was “just trying to deal with life and trying to figure everything out” and was “not even thinking about dating.” However, in September, rumors circulated that she had a new man in her life after she was linked to businessman Frankie Conti, who she allegedly met at The Golf Classic Celebrity Golf Outing by The Glenlivet.