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“P47” contains the oldest known text of the Book of Revelation.Located in the British Library in London, this early-5th century Greek manuscript contains almost the entire Bible.How then can we have confidence that the Bible we possess today is the Bible as God inspired and intended it?This is where we are grateful for the discipline of textual criticism.

These third century papyrus codices were purchased by British mining engineer A.Let’s look at a handful of important early New Testament manuscripts that scholars have discovered so far.Each serves to validate that our modern Bible is, indeed, a reliable representation of those early writings.As writer Tim Challies says in his blog post , “This little scrap of papyrus is our oldest historical link to the New Testament Scriptures.It represents the thousands of manuscripts and fragments of manuscripts that have survived the centuries.” He adds, “Of the manuscripts that remain to us today, no two are exactly the same.

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The fragment contains words from the account of Jesus’ trial before Pilate.

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