Cancer woman and dating

You will enjoy the company that Capricorn keeps; socially he is appealing.While you may have some differences in what appears to be most important to you, you will both feel an uncanny sense of belonging together.Be aware that Sagittarian men are very hard to please at times.This will most likely be the downfall of any relationship with him. Capricorn men are very in sync with what is going on around them.Do not hesitate to show your love for him and he will return it tenfold.Friendship as well as love are possible in this pairing. The reason being that these two are extremely similar. If you can handle these squabbles, you have found a Scorpio that you can tame.Cancer and the Sagittarius man will have a very rough and unstable relationship.

If you are a Cancer woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, this relationship may prove to be too much to handle.While their first ambition may seem to be material things, this is simply Capricorns’ need to be materially secure.Your moodiness may push his buttons at times, but he can handle it.He will make you feel very secure, and the re-inventive nature of Scorpio will leave you wanting more. Let him know that he is the one whom your heart belongs to.This pairing can lead to a sensual romance if both are open minded, focused and committed.

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