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Skype for Business (and Lync) has a very loyal fanbase of users and IT professionals globally. Skype for Business Server is the one you install on-premises on your own servers or consume as a service from a private cloud service provider.

The instant messaging client has three main pillars of use: messaging, meetings and voice. Skype for Business Server is the “full fat” product with all the features.

They quickly retracted that statement in a panic, so they could figure out how to explain it better.

The official line is that there is no end date for Skype Online planned, at least publicly.

I mention this because this same Micro-Service is being adapted and migrated from Skype for Business Online to Teams.

It is worth noting that Skype for Business Server will live on for at least this current version and probably for a version or two after that.

And thanks to a rich set of APIs, Skype for Business Server has the ability to integrate with 3 party applications such as Contact Centre and Recording.

Teams launched into public preview on 2nd November 2016, then four-and-a-half months later, the platform became generally available on the 14th March 2017.

The new version, Skype for Business Server 2019, just became generally available a few weeks ago.

Skype for Business Online is hosted as a public cloud service by Microsoft as part of Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft won’t want to be maintaining two platforms for long though.

In fact, they are starting to push people to Teams.

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