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The “stone butch” was an epitome of the butch identity; a lesbian who did not let her partner touch her sexually.

Butch lesbians trans folks alike saw a reflection of themselves in Feinberg’s work.

Pants became a distinctive queer style in the 1940s, with hundreds of thousands of women donning utilitarian clothing to work in factories because of the war.

And with migration to the cities, bars that specifically cater to these women can thrive.

Women in same-sex relationships at this time didn’t use the word “lesbian” to describe themselves.

“Dykes To Watch Out For,” “The Drag King Book,” and other publications created a culture where there is finally “proof” of butches.

It’s at this time that “butch” materialized as an underground term used by working-class women, as well as gay men to describe masculinity in their own communities.

But, more than “masculine lesbian,” what is the definition of “butch”?

Butch has been connected to trans identities, and some who identified as butch women went on to identify as trans men or transmasculine.

That same year, butch visibility got even louder when butch singer k.d.

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With sneakers and blazers, she was the quintessential soft butch.

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