Bsd usr ports updating

To download the latest Ports Collection files, issue the following command: Looking up portsnap.

Updating from Tue May 22 CEST 2012 to Wed May 23 CEST 2012.

The ports system, which we will be describing in this guide, is managed through a filesystem hierarchy located at that categorizes each available piece of software that Free BSD knows how to build.

Within this directory, the first level subdirectory categorizes software primarily according to function or language.

Fetching 90 patches.....10....20....30....40....50....60....70....80....90.

This also indicates that the utility was run previously; if it was a first time run, the collection would have simply been downloaded.

Free BSD provides two sanctioned methods for downloading and installing additional software onto the system.Part of what makes this operating system an ideal choice in many scenarios is its reputation for flexibility.A large contribution to this reputation comes from Free BSD’s supported method for installing software from source, known as the ports system. This utility connects to a Free BSD site, verifies the secure key, and downloads a new copy of the Ports Collection. The key is used to verify the integrity of all downloaded files.

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While you can install and use alternatives to the bundled software, you cannot easily or safely remove the ones that are included in the base system as these are considered functionally essential parts of the operating system.

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