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GQ recently interviewed the actor[...] Also tagged: Ashley Greene, Aurum Producciones, Australia, BERLIN, breaking news, Eclipse, Entertainment news, Entertainment/Culture, Fantasy novels, film, Germany, Hollywood, hollywood news, Horror, Horror novels, Italy, Korea, [email protected], Kristen, Louisiana, Luna Park, Madrid, new moon, official twilight web site, Pan Cinema, Person Travel, Richard Wilkins, Romance novels, Rome, Seoul, Spain, Speculative fiction, Stockholm, Sweden, Sydney, Taylor, Teen films, the European tour, TWILIGHT, Twilight series, Twitter Inc, United States, X Japan By Kim Palacios Hollywood As the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” premiere approaches, key dates in the promotion schedule continue to be confirmed.

Supplemental to yesterday’s feature (which listed key June dates for Twilight fans and some U.

Eek — not sure how we'd be able to make that choice!

Meanwhile, Victoria is busy building an army of newborn vamps to attack Bella.

Also tagged: Bryce Dallas Howard, Cinema of the United States, Eclipse, Entertainment/Culture, films, Horror novels, Human Interest, Mass media, MTV Oy, Pattinson, robert pattinson, Romance novels, Teen films, the MTV Movie Awards, TWILIGHT, Twilight series, Unsurprisingly By Kim Palacios Unsurprisingly, the Twilight films swept the MTV Movie Awards with wins in every category for which it was nominated…again.There was a lot of controversy and uproar among Twihards about the recasting amidst rumors of unfairness, contract and timing issues.Bryce says she doesn't really understand all the whys and wherefores.Are she and co-star Robert Pattinson madly in love yet?Bryce laughs, "I'm 28 and I felt like the old lady on the film.

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Chris Weitz, director of “New Moon” interviewed Ashley Greene and now Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Victoria in “Eclipse,” interviews Australian-raised Xavier Samuel,[...] Also tagged: Actor, Army, BERLIN, black tinted car, breaking news, Eclipse, Entertainment news, Entertainment/Culture, Fantasy novels, Fiction, GQ, Hamlet, Hollywood, hollywood news, Horror, Horror novels, Independence Day, Juliet, roland emmerich, Romance novels, Romeo, Speculative fiction, Sydney, Teen films, TWILIGHT, Twilight series, United States By Tracy Rosenfield Hollywood Xavier Samuel has certainly been thrown into the spotlight.

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