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It’s also quite a wealthy place—Forbes estimates it’s the fifth-richest nation, per capita.

So, as with Saudi Arabia, there might be some compelling interests behind the silence.

Caught in a feud between the prince and the sultan, they ended up in a court battle over million.

Following the couple’s legal victory, Mark Seal gets an exclusive on the story the jury didn’t hear.

After the prince installed the then 29-year-old Zaman as managing director of one of his hotels, the New York Palace, in 2006, she proceeded, according to him, to award herself an exorbitant contract (.5 million a year), sign herself to dirt-cheap, long-term leases on a luxury apartment in the hotel and the steak house on the ground floor, and hire her inexperienced brother as a systems analyst.

When two British lawyers, Faith Zaman and Thomas Derbyshire, signed on in 2004 to manage the affairs of Prince Jefri Bolkiah, notorious playboy brother of the Sultan of Brunei, they entered a world of orgiastic wealth: 250 companies, 2,000 cars, luxury hotels, planeloads of women and polo ponies, colossal diamonds.Just two weeks later, the Sultan issued his decree that shariah, Islamic law, would be the new law of the land.This has left the United Nations Human Rights office as the only major international forum objecting to, or even taking notice of, this horrifying new development.“If the person is wearing clothing that is too offensive or revealing, then the enforcement agencies should take action or at least advise the offender,” the official said.“But we will implement this provision with wisdom, so people won’t be shocked and angered.”Certainly, for the 23 percent of Brunei’s 415,000 citizens who are not Muslim, the new code represents a major affront to religious liberty.

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Geopolitically, the move is likely yet another step for the relatively conservative Brunei to define itself against its more liberal (by comparison) neighbors, Indonesia and Malaysia. At the very least, Brunei’s government has indicated that some laws will, indeed, be enforced.

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