Brittny gastineau dating michael phelps

The 28-year-old recently started a jewellery range with her mother Lisa Gastineau.While the romance is yet to be officially confirmed, a source close to Gastineau tells People magazine: 'It's just started.Evidently he was honest about it with girls, which hurt his sex life and got the rumor widely spread. I seriously doubt Gastineau even has thousand cash to his name now. That's even white trashier than naming your daughter Tiffany or Brandy.They may as well have just called her Taneesha for all the class they used in naming this broad.From ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER - November 16 This new romance is based less on love then good old financial convenience.Our athlete was tired of paying by the hour or day so decided to pay this celebrity by the month. But we’re not going to focus on Michael Phelps in Rio today.

She also made an appearance in Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno and counts Kim Kardashian as her best friend.

Gastineau (the daughter of former NFL star Mark Gastineau) and Phelps were spotted shopping and spending some QT with each other over the weekend at the Grove in Los Angeles, and as soon as TMZ started filming footage of the pair out together, they split in opposite directions!

A source close to the pair tells us the whole thing is kind of new, but the pair hung out at the Mondrian Hotel on Friday night and were “very cozy.” Then on Saturday, we’re told they hit up a Coffee Bean and did a little shopping … The rumored relationship between the socialite and the Olympic gold medalist has already been met with some controversy, as Phelps’ fans are concerned that if he’s out wining and dining Gastineau, he most likely isn’t training for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

They were spotted strolling together after picking up drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The 25-year-old, who was dress casually in jeans, a T-shirt, a cap and sunglasses, has enjoyed huge success and holds the Olympic record with 14 gold medals in swimming.

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