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I USED TO BE A BIG BEYONCE FAN BUT LATELY I HAVE BEEN NOTICING SOME THINGS.YEAH BOW WOW IS A COCKY ASSHOLE SO IT PROBABLY JUST CAME BACK ON HIM BUT BEYONCE BEING ON HIS LABEL HAS A LOT TO DO WITH LACK OF PROMO. Sasha Fierce being Beyonce's fastest selling-album to date and being the 5th highest selling album in 2009.So don’t say it’s because Beyonce makes them money.Beyonce sales aren’t drastically much better then his.SHE IS TRYING SO HARD TO BE THIS THAT SHE ISN’T EVEN MAKING IT ABOUT THE MUSIC ANYMORE BUT ABOUT HER NAME.

He later removed those particular Tweets but insisted that he wanted bigger and better things. And like I said that's ONE flop he had but it was underpromoted BEFORE it flopped. Her numbers are close to Rihnanna and Alicia Keys and as a solo artist she has yet to touch Brandy , alone. BOW WAS NOT DROP U IMBECILES HE MADE A VIDEO ASKING TO BE RELEASED FROM HIS CONTRACT HE EVEN HAD A SUPPORT PAGE ON TWITTER CALLED @COLUMBIAFREEBOW AND THERES A VIDEO WHERE HE IS ASKING FOR COLUMBIA TO RELEASE HIM. : -He got a twitter way AFTER his album came out.- “Face Off” w/ Omarion didn’t flop it went GOLD.His latest album came out way before he had a twitter.Ok, ummm, How old was he when he wrote many lyrics.Get ya facts straight WTF Beyonce gotta do w/ Bow Wow's flopping ass and #2 Beyonce's album isnt bad its something that has to grow on you its different, ya'll always complaining she sticks to the same she does something diff ya'll still complaining AND Beyonce prob does get special treatment though shes is Columbia records highest selling artist (AS OF NOW AND SINCE 2003, DONT TRY TO BRING MARIAH INTO THIS) -He got a twitter way AFTER his album came out. And that's good for a collaboration album.any album really. - No one said anything about overseas not even "stans". - Bow Wow brought Columbia money , then they dropped the ball on "New Jack City 2" it's not like he wasn't selling THENNN they decided to slack on NJC2..last solo album was PLATINUM.He's sold 10 million in the states and that's not good? So don't say it's because Beyonce makes them money.

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