Blood type dating chart

People with blood type A are clever, passionate, sensitive, and cooperative. Sometimes, they may be overly sensitive about different things.For instance, they care a lot about etiquette as well as social standards.They are kind, shy, stubborn, attentive, composed, polite, tense, withdrawn, reliable, perfectionist, sensitive, responsible, tactful, timid, mild-mannered, anxious, earnest, reserved, and polite.

If you are not shy to admit, you may have at one time, or another sought advice from the stars.

But have you ever thought about how your blood type and personality are connected?

This concept might seem foreign to us; many truly believe that personality traits are inherently connected to the type of blood you are born with.

They do not like to break the set rules on etiquette or the laid down societal standards or rules.

Blood types A personalities are careful decision makers, and they take their time before they can settle on any decision.

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