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Also that year, he ignited a romance with Arianna Huffington.

Meanwhile, in the early- and mid-90s, the alum dated the likes of adult superstar Heather Hunter, author Tracy Richman, and actress Amber Smith.

Earning notoriety as a stand-up comic, Bill pivoted to TV appearances in the 80s.

As he landed the late-night show gigs and acting parts, his repertoire grew. Beyond his life as a foremost left-wing political commentator and a beloved talk show host, Bill - now age 63 - is a playboy at heart. A hit among the ladies, Bill is witty, charming and personable.

Of all his wife hopefuls, none is more notorious than Coco Johnsen.

The comedian and the former host enjoyed brief flings with Bia Ling and Aiko Tanaka.

Other women whom Bill dated but never married include ex-girlfriends blogger Jasmine Boussem and video vixen Karrine Steffans.Bill Maher and girlfriend Anjulie Persaud celebrate New Year's Day in Jan 2015 Before Anjulie, he was in a longterm relationship with American journo Cara Santa Maria.Between 20, Bill and his ex-girlfriend Cara looked a formidable pair.In his late forties, he started forming longer-term relationships, but it was a tough learning curve: In 2004, he was sued by a model and stewardess named Coco Johnsen, who claimed Maher promised to marry and support her but then broke it off, allegedly causing million worth of financial damage to her career. Next came Karrine Steffans, a hip-hop starlet known as the Video Vixen who wrote a tell-all book about her string of lovers, which, in addition to Usher and P. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual.It was thrown out of court, but you had to wonder: Didn’t Bill Maher, who is a very smart man, see that coming? (Maher says she was just acting out, and they now have a very nice friendship via e-mail.) I had a thing for hot chicks who are fun, says Maher, and for some reason, for a while, a lot of them I met were black. First of all, it doesn’t really describe my life now. In the past, he says, he’d been afraid of commitment because he feared it would destroy his work. Maher is in a serious relationship now with a woman named Jasmine, who is, maybe strangely, not a stripper, though she is more than twenty years younger than Maher and is said by friends to be highly attractive.

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His other high-profile romances included flings with actress Thora Birch, Canadian broadcaster Rochelle Loewen, and singer Kaya Jones.

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