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The pain of no longer having the person who you love. Most of all, you just want to feel better and one of the biggest post-breakup mistakes is thinking that the only way you’ll feel better is if you get him back. There is a part of you that desperately wants him back, and there’s another part of you that wants to move on.

The point is, you will never extinguish your feelings for him if he’s right there lighting the candle every time it blows out.

With a little bit of distance, you’ll be able to see where things went wrong.

Breakups usually have a surface reason and a You didn’t break up because you had a big fight …

But it doesn’t come through staying in touch with him or continuing to see him. What solves everything is following the no contact rule. (Whether they should take him back or not is a different story …) After a breakup, your ex is essentially heroin. He can give you a your “fix” through many means- calls, texts, face time, snapchats, tweets , meeting for coffee, meeting for some in-between the sheets action.

Read on to find out what it’s all about and why it Whether you want to get over him or get him back … You need to make a clean break and cut off all communication with him. He is a drug and you are a junkie and you’ll do anything to get your fix even though you know it’s terrible for you. Just like any junkie, you need to detox in order to recover. You will never move on with him right there in front of you. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” – Mandy Hale A breakup can be a highly emotional experience, you need time and space to detox from it all.

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