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For example, if you are a basic rate taxpayer you are allowed to sacrifice up to £243 per month, that’s up to £2,916 in the year to the end of March 2019.

If you have been sacrificing £200 per month from April to January (totalling £2,000) you could, if eligible, sacrifice an additional £516 (£43 x 12 months) spread over the remaining two months of the tax year in addition to the £200 regular monthly sacrifice.

If a parent's income has changed significantly then this may be a factor in deciding whether a change should be made.

While a reduction of income of less than 15% of the adjusted taxable income would not alone constitute a special circumstance under Reason 8, if a ground to change the assessment has otherwise been established, the parent's reduced income should be considered as part of the just and equitable considerations and will be relevant in making the determination.

Before any of those reasons can be established, it must first be demonstrated that the administrative assessment results in an unfair level of child support.

This may seem to be duplicated by the need to consider whether a decision is fair but it is necessary to establish that an assessment is unfair before considering whether a change to the assessment would be just and equitable.

This includes any assets owned by or under the control of, or held on behalf of, either parent or the child, even where they do not produce income. This means that, while the individual is entitled to arrange their financial affairs in any legal way, their obligation to pay child support or contribute to the care of their child might not be reduced as a result of those arrangements when considering if a change of assessment is fair.

The Registrar will consider whether it is 'just and equitable' to make a particular decision after a reason for a change to the assessment has already been made out (CSA Act section 117(4)).

In deciding whether a decision is fair, the Registrar will consider the amount and duration of any proposed change and the factors listed in CSA Act section 117(4) which are relevant to a particular case.

The Registrar may give more weight to some factors than to others depending on the particular circumstances of the case.

The factors include: The terms 'unjust and inequitable' and 'unfair' are associated with 3 of the reasons for a change of assessment (reason 4 (2.6.10), reason 5 (2.6.11) and reason 8 (2.6.14)).

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Not all of the reasons for a change to an assessment are based on the needs of the child.

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