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However, the guide jumps from 1975 to 1980, not giving the starting serial numbers from the years in between. When looking at most charts I assume the number listed is for the beginning of each year.1975 yr 1 1976 yr 2 1977 yr 3 1978 yr 4 1979 yr 5 1980 yr 6 production begins at 175,000 From the beginning of 1975 (SN 112,000) to the end of 1979 would be 5 years of production.None of the charts I've found go beyond 646xxx, which is 2007. _________________------ Trumpet Forum - Exclusively Trumpet! : https:// Loyalist v2014: Loyalist Facebook: Trumpet Reviews: have an additional question about serial numbers of newer Bach trumpets.

This construction offers the quick response of a lightweight model with less resistance from the reverse leadpipe and the projection of a standard weight bell.

During that time, approximately 63,000 horns were built.

63,000 divided by 5 (years of production) = a little over 12,000 horns per year.

Anyone know how to determine manufacturing dates after 2007? I'm trying to find out when serial # 661xxx was made. Everything I found, which is limited info, makes me wonder if this horn was built during the strike or close enough to it where it may affect quality, at least from what I've heard this is a consideration.

None of the charts I've found go beyond 646xxx, which is 2007. Didn't quality go way down around the strike years?

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