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(That's why so much motorboating of these breasts takes place, because fans of big implants are rebels who enjoy fighting the power!

We resist these breasts' attempts to muffle us by motorboating them loudly and with considerable zeal.) even though I've never been a fan of huge fake breasts, I've always loved Audrey Bitoni...she's a freak, she's gorgeous, she's usually shaved and she's just one of the best...meeting her again at this year's AEE was great..was awesome, gorgeous and friendly..really tiny lol...

If exotic and buxom is your sort of pornstar, then you're either a fan of Audrey Bitoni, or you're about to be.

With curves and looks to kill, 34DD enhanced breasts, and dark, flowing hair, Audrey Bitoni cuts one hell of a figure.

She was dancing at Deja Vu in Tampa, which is ~ 40 minutes or so from my home in Saint Petersburg. I came for the show but she went on stage closer to am because the club was somewhat empty (bad for her but good for me).

I had front row seats when she went on stage and tipped her with oodles of ones; ones are cheap (they cost ~1$ each) so I can afford showering her with them.

She's no longer with LA Direct and work has been sparse with Audrey but it's comforting to know that she's still making movies.

Right on, we're on topic with Audrey!

Thanks Walter, that's awesome for you that you got to hang out with her and enjoy a lap dance. That's cool that she was sweet and laid back and you got some time with her.

You're not supposed to be able to get past them.

That's why they're so big--so you run smack into them and you can't find any way around them and can't escape.

I do not however desire to see her as the "ultimate porn whore" or whatever it was the person a couple of posts up said. Some woman just do it for you and she's definitely one of them.

I don't remember when I first saw her on video but she immediately became a favorite performer of mine. She's beautiful and an enthusiastic performer doing hot nasty things.

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  1. I like the German way for this much better, way less confusing and I think I'll keep J. He just ignored all my calls and sms, but he does not blocked me or delete my contact. He brought flowers every week when we were dating (& still makes sure there are flowers in the house), spoils me on birthdays, christmas & valentines and is happy to "invite" me for meals when he knows it's a while before my payday!