Aquarius man and scorpio woman dating

Scorpio may have difficulty getting access to this side of Aquarius and establishing the authentic emotional connection they desire in a relationship.Furthermore, Scorpio often asserts a certain amount of control in their relationships and unless Aquarius sufficiently trusts Scorpio, Aquarius will always resist them and assert their liberty and independence at every turn.

These planetary pairs are widely divergent in nature, and have a difficult time with one another in other than necessary relationships, such as among family members or at work.

It takes a lot to elevate someone from the "friends" status in his eyes, and you don't do anything half-way.

Your convictions are more personal; he tries to be humanitarian and universal in his affections.

This is a relationship that requires a lot of effort.

You'll have to focus constantly on what you have in common, because your differences will be pronounced.

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