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Previously, Trump used his business-oriented friends and family in advisory positions, but the Season 15 boardroom will have some new celebrity faces.

TV Line reports that former “America’s Next Top Model” host Tyra Banks, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, actress Jessica Alba, entertainment attorney Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger and business mogul Warren Buffett will be advising the contestants.

While this season looks to be no different in terms of structure, the switch from Donald Trump as host to Schwarzenegger will see a major aesthetic change.

According to Variety, Season 15 will move from New York City to Los Angeles, with a headquarters at the Silicon Beach technology hub.

History repeated itself in the finale and Pollard was passed over for another woman. Two seasons of her own dating competition on VH1, , where he and his housemates were forced to evacuate not once, but twice, due to Hurricanes Rita and Wilma.

What They've Done Since: In the same year, Devenanzio would make his debut on spin-off competition series , which starred her entire family.

Although no premiere date has been set for Season 15, the cast of celebrities competing for charity was finally revealed by the network, along with some exciting new celebrity advisors. Online, a new crop of 16 D-List celebrities have been selected to compete in Season 15 (Season 8 of its “Celebrity” incarnation) with the show’s new host, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The stars cover a wide spectrum of fame from figures in sports, reality TV, music and comedy.

Pratt made his debut on Brody Jenner's short-lived Fox reality show, , competing for the affection of rapper Flavor Flav.

Lord Sugar responded to a fan who asked when they can see it back, saying simply: “October.”An exact airdate is yet to be confirmed, although Karren Brady and Claude Littner will be back as aides.

I don't know how many films about hangmen, and only them, were made during movie history.

NBC severed ties with Trump, who made the show famous for 14 seasons with his famous catchphrase, “You’re fired.” After the Republican presidential candidate made some disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants in the United States, the network decided that it would no longer play host to Trump’s antics.

Soon after, actor and former governor of California, Schwarzenegger, took on the role.

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