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My long term goal is to have my own studio; I have my own production company, Anne-Sophie Films, and it’s just basically to expand that, and help people, because that’s my main thing.

She doesn’t really care about what people say about her, that was always a very big part of me as well.

FZ: Out of the 3—writing, directing and acting—what would be your favourite? Honestly, that’s why I’m doing all of them; if I’m just doing one, I miss the others!

FZ: It doesn’t sound like you have much free time, with so many great things going on, but what do you like to do on a day off of work?

After the first week, you kind of bond with a certain group of people and they become kind of like your family. I remember, I was waking up at in the morning; I was on set at about .

At the end of the shooting, I was so sad, because all these people had become such a big part of my life. We would all eat together, and then I would go and look at the breakdown of the scenes.

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And she’s very vulnerable, and everybody can kind of relate to her. Anne-Sophie: To prepare, honestly, for me, it was just like going and looking at my lines, just trying to think like she would think.

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