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Major outlets included The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, Politico, National Public Radio, New York Post, The Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Dallas Morning News. was submitted from Canada, Taiwan, France, Italy, China and Japan, in descending order.

is an international journal; more than half of the full text articles accessed via Science Direct were downloaded by readers in countries outside the U. Our contributors are also international in scope; in 2017 submissions came to us from 60 different countries, with 43% of submissions originating outside the United States, and 26% originating outside North America and Western Europe. But the list also includes Paraguay, Peru, Serbia, Uganda, Norway.

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Not only is articles generate considerable interest in the lay media.

During the calendar year 2017, there were 8,534 hits in various media outlets, including print, television, radio blogs and social media.

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