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She plays the fiddle, favors bluegrass and plays her own version of country.She was raised in Illinois, but her parents are originally from Mississippi.Sitting in the corner of a coffee shop at a table with the letters “LOVE” scratched in its lacquer, Robert Plant, 61, tried to impress 37-year-old Alison Krauss.She is an American singer and musician, very pretty and petite.Unfortunately the music in the coffee shop was just loud enough to keep me from effectively intruding . They sat diagonally across what looked like an Iphone and a small blue notebook.His sunglasses were much larger than what he might have worn in the 70s, more sculpted, more designer.They were likely taking a break from a recording session in the big Gillian-Welch-owned-studio across the street.The last record Plant and Krauss did together, mostly covers, was a big hit. The hit single from it was an older song co-written by Plant and Jimmy Page, one half of Led Zeppelin.

Her hair was long, blonde and brown, and she twirled it with the index finger of her left hand as she looked Plant in the eyes and listened to him talk. Several minutes after the two sat down with their coffees, her cell phone rang. This created a dilemma for Plant, as it would any wanton man.He had on blue socks and a pair of red shoes with small red leather laces and short wooden heels.The length of the shoes were extra long for effect, and they had a small square toe at their very tips. When Plant sprawled his legs into the aisle, he slid the hard soles of his shoes across the green rubberized-concrete floor.She was dating an 80s rock star name John Waite, his big hit was “Missing You.” There was one catch in this gossipy scenario.Being only a table away from Plant and Krauss, I should have had a complete if somewhat strained ear access to their conversation. Glassy mirrored shades lay on the table in front of Plant.

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His pants were dark blue, and of a very slender cut. And in addition to his rings, Plant wore a silver bracelet on his left wrist.

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