Active directory sharepoint user validating

After deploying the site collection in the client environment, I am able to browse the “Niks\tpatel” user from the target environment’s people picker control.

To gain more insight into where would people picker control show the user information from, I have launched extensive research on web and gladly found many resources but none of them captured in one article.

In our scenario, this is where orphaned AD user (Niks\tpatel) shows up in the people picker control because even though she is not available in the target environment’s active directory but lingered in the User Info table from the source site collection.

During the deployment, when I packaged up the site collection using the Backup-SPSite command and restored in the client environment using the Restore-SPSite command, everything looked great except people picker controls and security management pages showed the source active directory users (e.g. What it means is there are duplicate users from my active directory and client’s active directory causing confusion among user identity (e.g. This is really interesting because as I am researching this issue, this has been known issue since WSS 2.0 era (see the links below) and I have never came across this situation in last 5 years. In my sample use case, I have a “Niks\tpatel” user added to the site membership in my virtual environment.I have spent many hours trying to implement a web service that will validate users using active directory. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. I have a simple active directory running on one server, one domain. I have tried ldap://xyz ldap://ldap:// ldap://, DC=xyz, DC=com The error message I get are worthless to me, such as " type="System. If you want an *GUI* tool to view LDAP and get the correct LDAP path, use It's part of the support tools on the w2k/wk2k3 cd. Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" connection String Name="Customer Connection String" connection Username="domain\user" enable Password Reset="false" requires Question And Answer="false" min Required Password Length="1" min Required Nonalphanumeric Characters="0" connection Password="password"/ type="System. I have been successful with the logon, but the change password doesnt work. Passwords must conform to the password strength requirements configured for the default provider.I have seen numerous articles, but cannot make any work. I have been successful in making the logon work (sometimes), but not the change or reset password. "Active Directory Users and computers" will also show list of all Users in the Domain and Which OU they belong to and other info on Domain Controller. I have tried the different web.config settings, bt can;t seem to get around this. Now, since we know User Info table is culprit to show the user in the people picker, how would you clean up the orphaned AD users from the User Information List? Step 4: Access the User Info table from the site collection\web application content database and verify that user is flagged as deleted and she is no longer active.The best approach to delete the orphaned AD users from the User Information List, you should write a custom code and remove the user using the SPWeb. This will delete the users from the top level site collection. Alternatively, you can access the /_catalogs/users/to verify that user isn’t exists in the User Information List. Niks\tpatel) is not browsable in the People Picker control. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone who is looking for both background story and sample code to clean up the site collection users.

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